Excellence in Engineering

Our engineers come from a medical background and specialize in working with very tight tolerances.  They hold several patents in medical device and now we are challenging them to make their mark in the firearms industry. 

We use state-of-art 3D modeling software which gives them the ability to design a fit between components that make them feel like they are made from a single piece of material.  This improves accuracy and the billet material is 60% stronger that material that is cast.

We implement a rigorous inspection process that ensures that our components meet all design specifications.  All inspections are performed in accordance with statistically validated sampling plans and parts that don't meet our  standards are scrapped. 

Renshaw Firearms Company is proud to offer 100% American made AR style rifles and custom Glock pistols that are best-in-class. Our receivers are made from forged, billet 7075-T6 aluminum and then hard coat anodized.  We design our own proprietary receivers and pistol components that simply fit and shoot better than our competitors.  Our billet receivers are 60% stronger than the vast majority on the market today.

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